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Cleaning all types of surfaces with dry ice

Gentle on both the surface and nature


Cleaning all types of surfaces with dry ice

Gentle on both the surface and nature


Speed and efficiency will save time and operating costs.


Gentle on all surfaces.


Environmentally friendly technology with no secondary waste.

Individual approach

Individual approach to customer needs and requirements.

We perform surface cleaning with dry ice and related dry ice production.


Dry ice

suchý led prodej

In practice, dry ice is produced by expanding liquefied CO2 from a suitable tank from a pressure of approx. 17 bar to atmospheric pressure. Liquefied CO2 is  injected into the mold or antechamber.

Dry ice snow produced in this way is then hydraulically pressed with a dry ice press to form dry ice

in the form of pellets or blocks of various sizes.

Blasting process
dry ice

tryskání kovů

Dry ice pellets are accelerated to approx

1000 km/h (approximate speed of sound) using dry ice blasting systems

White Lion and compressed air and jets directly

on the workpiece to be cleaned. The following basic physical factors are

largely responsible for the way this method works.

Equipment for cleaning
dry ice


Dry ice cleaning with dry ice blasting machines from White Lion really puts you at ease!

Here you can see various examples that show how powerful dry ice blasting really is.



In cooperation with KAESER, Dry Ice Technology offers you the optimal supply of compressed air, which is essential for mobile

and stationary use of dry ice blasting technology.

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