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In cooperation with KAESER, Dry Ice Technology offers you the optimal supply of compressed air, which is necessary for mobile and stationary use of dry ice blasting technology.

A powerful combination of a high efficiency screw compressor block KAESER SIGMA PROFILE and energy-efficient engine, certified according to EU Directive 2016/1628, level V, provides impressive fuel consumption and super-clean performance.
Along with other innovative features, this compact motor is another reliable and efficient compressed air partner from the company KAESER.



MOBILAIR M 82 can be perfectly adapted to the specific needs of the individual application thanks to a wide range of optional components for the treatment of compressed air. In addition, the option of a chassis with an overrun brake as well as a stationary version mounted on skids or machine feet means that the M 82 is ideally suited to all working environments. 

Safe and simple

The electronically controlled starting function combined with the possibility of manual switching from idling to full load ensures a reliable start when operating in cold ambient conditions. In addition, the monitoring system can automatically shut down the compressor when necessary. 


MOBILAIR M 82 is well equipped to withstand the grueling continuous operation in the harsh conditions required on many construction sites. Even the standard versions are capable of operating at ambient temperatures ranging from -10°C to +45°C.
The optional low-temperature version includes engine coolant preheating, while synthetic coolant is used in the compressor block. 

Made in Germany

Portable compressors MOBILAIR are manufactured at KAESER´s headquarters in Coburg, Northern Bavaria.
The recently upgraded state-of-the-art portable compressor station boasts state-of-the-art equipment, including a TÜV-certified free-field sound level test room, complete powder coating facilities and efficient manufacturing logistics.

Download the MOBILAIR® M 82 product leaflet

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