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WL CUBE dry ice blasting machine

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White Lion CUBE is really a great multi-talent. It is literally a cube, and with dimensions of 48×48×48 cm and a weight of approx. 45 kg, it gets its name.

A completely new development is the integrated dry ice grinder, a type of grinder that endlessly crushes the required 3mm dry ice blast granules to the desired size. This is where the so-called microparticles of dry ice are formed. These fine CO2 ice particles enable particularly gentle and at the same time effective cleaning of pressed parts or tools.

These micro-particles allow special access to surfaces and materials that cannot be achieved with traditional dry ice blasting.

Areas of use White Lion Cube include plastic injection, laboratories, technological development, but also upholstery (e.g. in train cars or bus cabins) or cockpit cleaning is ideal with this compact dry ice blasting machine.

From an air volume of 0.5 m3 per minute of air flow and an air pressure of 0.5 bar, the Cube can achieve amazing cleaning results.  

The highlight is its three 4 mm compressed air connections.

With sufficient volume flow (on the customers side), they ensure even faster machining of tools. This makes its performance nearly comparable to a 3/4 inch dry ice blasting system like ours WL 1500 Competition.

The proven practical glass lid used in all White Lion dry ice blasting systems can also be found in the White Lion Cube. So you can easily see the amount of dry ice filling. The filling container is made of stainless steel and has high-quality insulation.

Be mobile and comfortable in your production. Two different sized cube carts with space for a 30kg or 15kg dry ice box as well as industry specific tools are available as accessories.

Dry ice blasting machine WL 1500 COMPETITION

Compact blasting machine WL 1500 Competition tailored solutions for innovative dry ice cleaning.

Blast machine WL 1500 Competition is a very compact and light solution for cleaning all kinds of surfaces.

Remove debris from equipment, machines and molds in the future with the dry ice blasting process.

This compact and convincing system is characterized by professional equipment and high cleaning performance. This process is economically fast and helps companies reduce maintenance costs.

The technical features include a pressure reducing valve and a digital display for continuously adjustable pellet volume by 20-80 kg/h. With these features, it is possible to work very gently and economically, as well as to show the way to coarse impurities. Thanks to this device, the blasting machine is dry by ice WL 1500 Competition very flexible with regard to its areas of use.

The filling container is made of stainless steel and has high-quality insulation. All White Lion dry ice blasting machines have a glass lid for easy control of the filling container.
Like all White Lion products, the blast machine was dry iceWL 1500 Competitiondeveloped for robust continuous use. Made in Germany!

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Dry ice blasting machine WL 3000 PROFI

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A versatile and lightweight machine among dry ice blasting systems.
It is compact and functional, which are and were our own requirements when developing this dry ice blasting system.

WL 3000 Profi  is equipped with a filling container with a glass lid, a conductive chassis and a light and at the same time robust aluminum case. This is what makes this dry ice blasting system so unique, economical and powerful at the same time.

Dry ice blasting system WL 3000 Profi is a universally applicable mobile dry ice blasting system for the technical cleaning of surfaces with a wide range of impurities and impresses with its versatility and comfort.


The successful WL 3000 series consists of three different variants, the WL 3000 Profi, the stainless steel version WL 3000 IRON and the WL 3000 Black Edition.

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The very high transport volume of dry ice pellets from 20 kg/h to 120 kg/h enables high speed processing with maximum efficiency even with intensive contamination. The removal rate of the contamination to be removed is high, which is especially appreciated by customers in the service industry.

Like all types of White Lion equipment, this dry ice blasting machine is available in various configurations and can be equipped with a wide range of accessories.

Pelletizer White Lion Antarctica S

The machine White Lion Antarctica is a press for the production of dry ice pellets. By changing the die, the pellet size can be changed between 3, 10 and 16 mm. The production capacity is approx. 120 kg/h for pellets with a size of 3 mm.


  • Power supply: 400 V 3 ph, 16 A CEE plug

  • Frequency: 50 Hz

  • Control voltage: 24 V DC

  • Power consumption: 5 kW


  • Total weight: approx. 300 kg (without packaging)

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): approx. 1500 x 950 x 750 mm

  • Raw material: CO2 – liquid

  • Inlet pressure: 15 bar(g) – 21 bar(g)

  • Load capacity: approx. 130 kg/h with 3 mm pellets

  • Hydraulic oil: approx. 44 l

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  • Recommended temperature range: 15 °C to 35 °C

  • Recommended relative humidity: 40% - 80%

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